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Join Lisa Hendey as she interviews awesome guests, takes in the latest movies and books, and travels the world.

Our guests this week are Stephen Chbosky, director of Wonder (coming to DVD and digital release this week) and Dr. Joseph Dutkowsky, an orthopedic surgeon and the author of Perfectly Human. Sharing both of these interviews together reminds me of the truth that each of us is "wonderfully made" by a God who loves us just as we've been created!

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Join us for a conversation with Ken Kniepmann, author of Lenten Healing, for a pre-Ash Wednesday pep talk! Lisa shares the movies The 15:17 to Paris and Samson and three new books on her shelf. Join Lisa for upcoming talks and retreats in Metamora, Illinois. For her speaking schedule visit Send your feedback to or connect with Lisa on social media @LisaHendey. 

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I'm happy to be back behind the microphone for a new project, my "Lisa Hendey & Friends Podcast" with Breadbox Media. Breadbox Media has been around for a few years in different formats, but the team there is now at work assembling an impressive team of podcasters that includes Sonja Corbitt, John Michael Talbot, Mark Shea, Allison Gingras and many more great shows (and now me!).

I'm still getting organized with the show, but in my inaugural episode on Breadbox, I share a chat with Pete Socks, the kind soul who reached out to me about being a part of Breadbox. I've been looking for a way recently to do interviews and share content, but with some support of the massive amount of production time involved. I'm hopeful that being a part of Breadbox will make it possible to take you along with me on my travel adventures, share the terrific people I meet and interact with, and offer you the latest tips on new movies, fresh books and whatever else pops into my inbox.

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